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BSD Rude Tube LT V2 Peg (4.2"- Fits 14mm Axle)

The Rude Tube LT peg has been updated - with a new shape chromo adaptor and a thicker 7075 peg, it makes the peg much more durable than the original V1 version.
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It uses the same plastic outer as the Rude Tube but has a lighter 7075 alloy inner with a heat treated chromo adaptor at the dropout interface.

Weighing 33% less means you can run 4 pegs with the equivalent weigh of just over 2.5.
  • Durable plastic Rude Tube sleeve
  •  Lightweight 7075 alloy inner peg
  •  Heat treated chromo insert
  • 33% lighter than regular Rude Tubes
  •  A choice of either 4.2″ or 4.5″ XL lengths
Weight 115g Each  
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