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BBB Indoor Cycling Sweat Catcher

Protect your bike from sweat!
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Article number: BBB BIC-11

Training indoors is a whole different way of training. Sweat will not evaporate in the air like on your outside rides but will drop off your face directly on the ground or your bike. That’s why we recommend to use the SweatCatcher, to protect your bike and the floor. The ergonomical shaped design makes sure the sweat will be caught and absorbed. Attach the SweatCatcher easy with the velcro straps to the bike. It can be washed to avoid bacteria and can easily be stored. The small pocket on the SweatCatcher makes sure you can keep some food or other little parts close to you, even on the trainer. All you have to do is give it your hardest on the trainer, we will catch the sweat!

Easy to mount on your bicycle

The mesh material absorbs sweat and protects your bike

Optimal shape with maximum surface area without interfering the legs

Fits any frame size


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