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ABUS Goose Lock 6202K/110cm Rose

With the Goose Lock, ABUS has developed a dimensionally stable, haptically and visually highly appealing bicycle lock that also impresses in terms of colour and design.
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Article number: AX96156

It consists of several components: the classic 6-millimetre-thick steel chain, the gooseneck, the foam shell and a plastic fibre coating.  The steel chain – like the housing and load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism – is made of specially hardened steel. Behind the term "gooseneck" are two intertwined metal spiral springs, which ensure the dimensional stability of the lock. This allows the lock to be bent into the desired shape and wrapped tightly around the bicycle frame. The foam ensures the unmistakable feel of the lock and a rattle-free transport. The durable, highly flexible sheathing made of plastic fibres offers very high protection against abrasion and scratches. Thanks to the dimensional stability and the foam, the lock can be transported very well. It does not rattle on the bicycle frame and remains flexible at the same time. It is available in different colours to match every bike – for an individual colour statement.

  • 110 mm Length
  • 6 mm thick chain with functional, durable and highly flexible textile fibre coating
  • Dimensionally stable and flexible chain lock with textile feel
  • Soft sheathing offers very high protection against abrasion
  • The chain, housing and load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • Two keys included
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