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2025 Trek Madone SL 5 Gen 8 Hex Blue

The Madone SL 5 Gen 8 is a lightweight aero road bike that brings elite racing tech to a lower price point.
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 It offers similar aero benefits to the pricier Madone SLR Gen 8, but with a more economical OCLV 500 Carbon lay-up and two-piece cockpit with hidden cable routing. It's built to race, with geometry that keeps you quick on the sprints yet in control on fast descents. A Shimano 105 group set keeps the price down while still delivering clean mechanical shifting you can trust.

It's right for you if...

You want a featherweight road race bike without top-end race pricing. You're up for racing, club rides or solo spins up winding canyons, and don't want to compromise between climbing efficiency and aerodynamics. You're happy with more economical components that help you get on your dream bike faster.

The tech you get

An ultra-light OCLV 500 Carbon frame with aero tubing and IsoFlow comfort technology. A 2x12 Shimano 105 group set that delivers clean mechanical shifts without the faff of electronic group sets. Tubeless wheels that help fight punctures while reducing rolling resistance, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The final word

The Madone SL 5 Gen 8 is the perfect bike for someone looking for superbike performance at a lower price point. It offers the same frame tech as its SLR sibling, like aero tube shaping and lightweight IsoFlow comfort tech, but with a more economical build that leaves budget to spare for race entry fees and bike trips.

 Why you'll love it

  1. The Revolutionary Full System Foil aero tube shapes redefine what fast looks like and help optimise aerodynamics around the whole bike
  2. A more economical 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and new tube shaping shave weight where it matters most to help you fly up climbs
  3. You get clean and reliable shifting without breaking the bank with Shimano's workhorse group set – 105
  4. Lightweight, race-focused IsoFlow comfort tech helps you ride stronger longer without sacrificing weight or aerodynamics
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